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My ferret broke my laser

Oct 28, 2010
So this little idiot (Diego the Ferret)
221101 Diego 1 yr.jpg
Got up on my shelf and tossed the padded case with this in it

Onto the floor. Even though it was in a padded case, it now only works when it is level or up, pointed down, it stops working. If I jiggle it it it will turn on for a faction of sec. It acts like there is a tilt switch in it now.
I have eliminated the the end cap and the head as the point of failure. So it seems to be an issue with battery compartment negative pole connection. But I can not figure out how to trouble shoot that as it appears to glued into place. The white disk with the spring is not loose. I have poked at with a screw driver from both ends and there is no play, nor is there any sound of any rattling when the lasers in shaken.
Any advice on either 1) Fixing it. Or 2) buying a new middle section with a contact and just disconnecting the wire from the old one and attaching it to a new one?
it is a dual 16350 battery case.