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More bad safety


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Jul 1, 2018
Oh gosh, so many things going wrong there.

The sunglasses are a big fail obviously, and they actually look like ordinary sunglasses, not laser protective eyewear that they just call sunglasses for the show.

With a laser outputting a couple of watts a beam stop and not waving it around in your hands close to other people might also be a pretty good idea.

These can set stuff on fire - not only matches, but also someones clothes, the drapes, etc. I have a nice burn hole in my wallpaper reminding me to use beamstops. And this was wallpaper painted over with white latex paint a few times too, so pretty high albedo. After meddling with the power pot on a labby i wondered where the smoke was coming from (i didn't really see much because my goggles block out the laser wavelength so the dot on the wall did not appear bright). I actually thought i'd fried something in the circuit at first :D
Watching him jump around with that laser made me cringe!

Laser Chick

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Jan 26, 2015
Dear Lord, this is like watching two clowns playing catch with a grenade that has the pin pulled and they are too dense to realize it.
The worst thing about this is all the horrible examples they are setting to the inexperienced viewers that might get a laser in the future.


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Aug 16, 2007
Hehe, and old school grenade with the pin pulled isn't even that big a problem - you can just put the pin back in or tape over the lever... it's actually the lever springing up that sets it off :)

It would have been funny if one of those goofballs in the video actually got his pants set on fire by the laser though - i don't wish eye damage on anyone, but that would have been a good lesson.

Somehow i don't get the logic with these people at all.. here is a beam that sets matches on fire... so lets shine it around in random directions and presume matches are the only flammable material on earth. When you're working with class 4 lasers your eyes are not the only thing at risk any longer, you could burn your house down by accident. This is,i think, a fairly distinct risk since -proper- protective eyewear will protect your vision from a direct hit, but that laser beam will terminate onto something and if flammable could cause other problems... and yeah, my drapes have a few holes in them even from lasers that aren't even class 4 (blu-rays and such).