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Modifying Philips Motion Laser Projector


Dec 27, 2017
With all the after Christmas sales I picked up a Philips Motion Laser projector for "cheap" ($20) but I have always been bothered by the red and green colors that are typically used in these shows. My plan is to replace at least the green laser diode with a blue (probably 450nm or 445nm depending on what I can find for cheap). I took apart the unit as you can see in the attachments and so long as I can figure out the supplied power everything should be pretty easy...I think. A couple of questions:

- There seems to be a filter on the green laser (I broke it a bit when removing). Any idea what that might be?

- Any concerns with the diffraction grading wheel for using a different wavelength?

- Any recommendation on where I can get a blue diode? Looking for 1-5mW based on safety (and the warning note on the package stating that the system outputs no more than 5mW). Right now I am thinking I will need to buy a pointer and pull the unit.

- Any obvious things I am missing?

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong category to post this.


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Apr 28, 2015
The only info I can give is that filter on the green laser is most likely an IR filter.
Do some searching on the forum on 532nm DPSS lasers and it will tell you how the green color is produced, its not the same as a direct diode 520nm green.
DTR is a member and seller and he has low powered blue's, he might be a tad more in price but you get new diodes and what you see is what you get, compared to ebay.
He also tests them extensively..
You really should do a welcome and get to know you thread so members can steer you the right way:)
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Sep 20, 2013
Yes, that is definitely an IR filter, though to see one on such a cheap laser is unusual. It is totally unnecessary, so count your blessings you didn't harm something important. Why would you want to take it apart? It was working before you did, wasn't it? This little projector has a diffraction grating mounted on a motor and has a red and green laser to shine through it. The grating will work with any color laser you chose to put in it, but it is hardly worth the expense or effort.