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Megalaseruk 200mw pointer review


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Nov 8, 2017
"200mW of pure power, this laser has to be seen to be believed! It can burst balloons in a fraction of a second, melt plastic and can light up an entire room!"

High power laser pointers. Green laser pointers with 50 mile range.

Brought the above as a upgrade to 50mw chinese that I got 10+ years ago on ebay. The 50 was not power tested but for the price there is a beam at night and a dot at quite some distance in daylight so i'd say it was good value and probably upto power. It's lasted years!

Second impression of the seller : It was to late for a first, i'd already brought it in haste. My bad. Note the website claims to be a HSBC processed security metrics site, but none of the pages including the one where you input your credit card number feature a SSL certificate. It's a http instead of https page meaning your card details can probably be stolen in transit with ease! You also get no receipt or contact from ordering, just a email a day later from 'Luke' but signed by 'Jo' to say your order will be dispatched. They make no mention they will charge an extra £6 P&P to your card. When contronted with not only the laser problem I had but the question of P&P and the lack of secure site 'Jo' says to contact 'Luke' on a UK mobile number (that just rings out) with any other sort of queries but 'Jo' can deal with the lasers. If i'd noticed this from the start I would have gone elsewhere!

First impression on the 200mw laser : It was over 3x the price I paid years ago and came in a very similar if not identical package and host (pen) to the old 50. Delivery was quick, signed for within 3 days and I assumed things had moved on diode-wise and it would all be good. Disappointed when the beam was very little brighter than the 50 which i'm sure that has been weakened over the years even though it hasn't hundreds of hours use on the diode. But zero heat to the 200 beam it wouldn't even crinkle a spot on black bin liner after 15 seconds let alone pop balloons or melt any plastic. Very poorly described.

Then I start to notice that the simple on/off click button seems to be almost pressure sensitive. Moving thumb around on the button was enough to have the laser going bright to dull and back and also bringing what i've been told is a possible splash pattern to one side of the dot. Not good when your shining it in the sky and suddenly a pattern appears on the side of a neighbours house while the beam is aimed far over the roof!

Contacting the seller and they suggest dirty lens and to clean it even though the pattern comes and goes. I refuse not risking damage and ask for replacement so they give me an address to send back to. I hear nothing for over a week so get in contact again and first told they don't know if they have it back, then that they have so would I like refund or replacement. I explain I would like a laser that does what is described and if they can provide that i'll accept a replacement. So far they have agreed to test and send replacement thats upto spec. From then i've become a member here and read some mixed reviews about the company including one where a replacement was of even worse quality so my fingers are well and truly crossed at the moment... Keep you posted.



Interesting, this pen is slightly longer and heavier plus the top cap is removable to allow easy access to cleaning the lens. Beam is narrower than the other one and its actually poking holes in black bags and producing smoke. I'd say there are still probably better places to buy from but if you do make sure you contact them first and say you want a item as described. They obviously do have some good pens but send out what they think they can get away with. Also still watch out for the insecure site and typing in credit card number although nothing bad happened to mine.
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