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Mar 17, 2006

they have cool looking lasers, but they are way over priced if you ask me..

also they dont list specifications for their lasers. anyone here have a laser from mega lasers?



they look like a mix of leadlights and spymodexes. i would stay away form them.


i contacted this company to get more information on their lasers, and i wasnt too happy with my findings.

here are the e-mails...

i have a few questions for you.

do your lasers include ir filters? are they measured in peak output or average output? they look like leadlights in some pictuers and spymodex lasers in others. are they modded at all?



Hi Tommy,

The lasers all have IR filters, they are peak (maximum) output (and don’t believe any other vendor that claims the advertised power is average, this is ridiculous, a car manufacturer does not advertise the top speed as an average), they look like the ones you mention (we used to use Leadlight but stopped a while ago) but they are from another factory who kept a similar style on our request. All modification is now performed at the original factory, they are more reliable because of this.

Many Thanks

hmm, have you heard of a site called dragonlasers? its www.dragonlasers.com they sell lasers a lot cheaper than you do, and they are CNI lasers, which are oem unmodded lasers. they are measured by average. i purchased a 95mW laser that peaks at about 125mW for less than 300 dollars. your lasers are modified right? so how can you compare a unmodified laser measured at average power to a modded laser measured at peak power?

i find that cars are very diffrent from lasers.

thank you for your time.

what this means for everyone looking for lasers. megalasers are modified leadlights measured at peak power, tehy might be 120mW for 1/2 of a second where they will tehn drop to around 75mW. at least they have ir filters...



So basically their telling everyone that they're ripping people off?????

lol that's stupid i'm definetly not buying from them.


My big question is, how long will the diode last, if they are modding leadlight up to 120mw, even if it is a peak power. I would expect these to be suceptible to mode issues and stability problems. And that 40mw is amazingly overpriced! :eek:

On an unrelated, but slightly amusing note:

Can we order a batch for military use?

There are some countries and organisations that we cannot supply but we would be delighted to supply coalition forces including the US Military, the United Kingdom armed forces and many more. We offer discounted prices depending on quantity, if you would like a quotation please simply send us an email and we will respond immediately>
When I read that on the megalasers website, it made me wonder if North Korea inquired abput laser or something, and had to turn them away. ;D