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Measure Laser Beam profile with webcam/industrial cam & open source software


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Apr 10, 2021
Hi All,

Just a tip which might be interesting to some user here: I have been using "Open Beam Profiler for ImageJ" for quite a while, and it is quite good (sorry, I am still not allowed to post links, but google search should find the software easily.

For those who do not know ImageJ, it is an open source software package that has an enormous amount of plugins that allow you to perform almost any measurement your want to perform and images.

So you need to install ImageJ and the plugin "Open Beam Profiler". This allows to analyze your laser beam profile, as I have done below for a few examples. To do this, you need a webcam or industrial camera with the CCD exposed, as their should be no optical lens in between. To lower the sensitivity of the CCD, I placed some neutral density filters in front. I use a uEye Camera UI-5240CP-M-GL camera, but ImageJ has plenty of options to work with webcams also (just remove the lens from the webcam so the CCD is exposed). When you know the type of CCD that is used, you can even calibrate the beam size by entering the pixel dimensions of the CCD.

This can be used in "live view" while for example adjusting a collimator. I have found this a very useful tool, and it was free (because I already had the camera)

beam profile HP 81551 with collimator.pngbeam profile Anritsu MG034e with collimator.PNG


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Jun 12, 2015
Thanks for sharing Wim, that is a cool software and neat way of making your own profiler.
Just don't have webcam. :p