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Make video to win 600$ in wallbuys


New member
Mar 7, 2013
hey ,everyone

after many people buy flashlight or laser in our shop, then do you want to share your experience with others? just tell others what is the features of the product.

and today, there is a customer make a very nice video, and just few hours, it have 11 votes. do you want to have a try?

there will be 26 people get the prize, then do not worry, just try your best to show your video, you are the best

see this video, and learn from it: fandyfire 2 - YouTube

1. you should add wallbuys' logo in the video
2.just introduce the features of the product
3.the product should be bought from wallbuys or wallbuys is sell it now.

Link to join the contest : Contest! To help people know more products. Making Video Wins Prize! 1700$ Waiting for you!

Expired: 20th June 2013