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Aug 28, 2014
Hello all! I'm Chris. Mid-20's living in Pennsylvania.

I've always been interested in laser technology and applications. Recently decided to wade back into the hobby. I hope to outfit my 3D printer with a laser for engraving, possibly cutting, soon.

I also hope to start collecting some decent lasers. My first laser of any consequence was a 1 watt 445nm which I bought from dtr here some 3 years ago. That diode has degraded over the years, and I plan on upgrading it to a 1.4w diode. I also hope to put together a 405nm from an old HDDVD player I have laying around, and have plans for a 520nm.

I've been learning the casting of aluminum and hope to start pouring my own hosts. Maybe, at some point, some copper work would be possible.

Anyway, just here to learn and contribute as best I can.


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Feb 5, 2008

I see you're no stranger to high power lasers.

I wouldn't bet the HD DVD player diode is of any use, you'll get 20mW out of it at best, with anybody's guess for diode pinout and polarity, as far as I know those are BR+RED+IR diode combos.

Also, if you plan to make your own hosts, they need to be machined out, so if you could cast a rough shape but machine out the rest, you're all set.

Finally, see blue line in my signature, and have a nice day :)