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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

Lego City(R) Gas Powered Edition, Ages 40+ (PAL: gratuitous ion side beam and flashing lights)


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May 1, 2021
So this is terrible phone photography and the cheapest little Lego thing I could find that would let me utilize the four colors I have operational, and I'm sure it has been done countless times but I just wanted to play around :) . So here is the little all gas lit Lego rendition of the policeman that is coming to ruin the next star party and confiscate those legally used green pointers.

little too much stray light on the wall here, but this angles showed the streetlight effect and stoplight well

This was more annoying if bigger, but still turned out kind of cool so wanted to include it.

legocopbluebeam (2).jpg
Beam shot from the top

legosidebeam (2).jpg
Ion side beam

and what it looks like with the lights on, a bunch of alligator clips and magnets and FS dental mirrors and beam splitter. It also serves as an effective room heater. Only one of the reds is running as I am short on power supplies (Uniphase 106-1 is barely running at top end of compliance and does not like it:oops:, Showa will only flicker unless I use the supply currently employed for the green) , and I'm down to a single line Argon for the time being,...

But anyhow, thanks for looking, this was a fun little experiment - with time, more optics and mounts, and better skills I think there are neat things that could be done trying to light up a big Lego city and route beams.

Take care,