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LCD panels from Monitors and Laptops


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Feb 22, 2021
I found this thread from google, And thought it was one of the BEST threads I read, very detailed (with photos), great feedback from members.
(sorry I can not post any links cus I am new), but thread topic was

Acer 22" Monitor maintenance​

So I thought maybe there are members here who can help me with my LCD panel questions.

I have LCD panels from a monitor and laptop.

1. In general, will LCD panels from monitors fit into laptops? I assume NOT cus pins do NOT match (??), Maybe I am wrong, there are other reasons? Any comments?
2. I have Westinghouse 19" L1928NV monitor. It shows (2) connector into LCD panel. (sorry I can not post any attachment cus I am new but above link show (2) connectors). I knew about 30 or 40 pin connectors for laptops, but never seen (2) connectors like this. What is name?
3. Can i use Westinghouse 19" L1928NV monitor LCD panel for laptop use? probably NOT? or could I use it IF I can convert (big IF) these (2) connectors into 40 pin? (laptop that need a LCD panel have 40 pin)

I have few more questions, but let me see what kind of feedback I get first.