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lasers VS iphone4, will the iphone be burned?


New member
Dec 23, 2007
Just a fake, sorry ..... CO2 can burn glass (and iphone touchscreen is a capacitive device made in tempered glass) ..... maybe 20 or 30 W of green can damage the capacitive layers (it's a micron or two deposition of "transparent metallization" so probably is not 100% transparent to all wavelenghts) ..... but not for sure a standard handheld, and surely not with smoke.

this is how a CO2 laser work on glass:

The LCD panel is a different thing ..... it's still 2 very thin layers of glass, but the adhesive polarizer sheets in front and back of the panel are made in plastic, so they can be damaged from a watt or two (still, not as in the video) ..... and also the layer of "liquid crystals" fluid, can be damaged fr overheating ..... but, again, not as in the video .....
Yeah! Thats what I'm talking about!

Put an iphone under that, I would watch that!