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Laser safety concern

Feb 27, 2014
Hi everyone,

up until now I've been using pointers less than 5mw in my shows, and unless the venue is completely dark, the effect is very poor. I know the key is haze, more haze, more laser visibility.

Stepping up laser power brings more risks, however, I am thinking in stepping up laser power, but also widening the beam to increase safety.

Now, I am stuck. So much techno babble and I'm a bit overwhelmed.
Any ideas on where might I start my quest in reaching this goal?

Searching around, I have found this product:

quick specs

Wavelegh: 532(±nm)
Output Power: >35(mw)
Working voltage: 3.0-4.5(VDC)
Power source: rechargable battery
Working current : <600(mA)
Working temperature: -20℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~80℃
Dot diameter: 10 (±mm)
Project range: >2000 meters
Life span : >5000 hours
Start type: Button
Start time: ≤0.01
Product Dimensions : Φ26*54*155(mm)
Safety Class : ClassⅢB

After a search on google, this laser class if pointed accidentally into someones eyes can cause damage.

However, the dot diameter is 10 mm, does that make it more safe?

Also, by placing a voltage regulator, can I dial down the power of the laser to more acceptable levels?

Also >35mw is more than? so it could be 150mw? :huh:

Forgive me if I am asking dumb questions, but I have little laser knowledge and safety is my no.1 concern when it comes to lasers.