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Laser output drop immediately upon turn on


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Aug 18, 2020
Can you tell me what youn mean by 'solid' .A Plused laser make a 'dotted' line when moved.
my 1.1W burns well (even at distance)--

--wavelenth is a more correct (for color) and Power (mw or W etc) is what we use and even within close proximity to others can very a LOT. RED/? some 'reds' are 4 or more times more visual brighter than others-- 638 wow nice 660 harder to see??
The more powerful of most any wavelength will be ,of course, more expensive. We meant to ask you about your eye protection..

safety here is # 1. You may need more than one pair of glasses. Some 'cover' more than one Wavelength but those that protect us from all visible lasers are very expensive.

best wishes--Len
By solid i mean i can see the beam very well, at night without moke or fog. It's not a pulse but a continous output laser. It was not mine but a friend, and i recall it for a reference. As i know it somewhere around 0.5W output, but i didn't ask him the wavelenght so idk for sure, that's why i'm wondering if it is actually a bue or purple.
And of course if i'm gonna get a high power toy like that i'll put a shield up for my eye balls :D