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Laser goggles on top of glasses?

Feb 27, 2018
I have some pretty horrible eyesight, about -6 diopters, so I can't really see anything without my glasses. How do I wear laser safety goggles and maintain usable vision? On top of the glasses doesn't seem to really work, unless there's a special type of goggle to do so with?

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May 14, 2011
This Eagle Pair is made to fit over corrective glasses: https://www.survivallaser.com/Eagle...ver_Laser_Safety_Goggles/p556088_3346945.aspx

"Eagle Pair® brand protective laser safety goggles for 190-540nm wavelength, in a 'slip over' frame style for individuals who wear corrective glasses. These goggles have exceptional visible light transmission (rated at 50%) and yet protect to a level of OD6+ (reduce the intensity of 190-540nm laser light by a factor of 1,000,000 or more). They are suitable for use with many laser wavelengths within the specified protection range including 405nm violet, 445nm blue, 520nm direct green and 532nm DPSS green lasers that DO NOT produce significant amounts of unfiltered 1064nm infrared light. These Eagle Pair goggles may be used when looking at the spot created by a 1,000 watt or lower power laser on a non-reflective surface. However, you should NEVER look directly into a laser beam or its direct reflection even when wearing laser safety goggles. "