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KingKube 445nm 500mW engraver ..


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Apr 2, 2009
KKube. found and listed a 445nm 500mW engraver labby.
He had pics from two units by accident.. he had 'TTL' in titel but left out 'analog'
at first we had no clear indication that these are the noiw very common '12vdc' mini lab lasers.
the 'specs' are sketchy -- only has LD v in. at 5.6 v and no mention of 12 v.. new pics solved all that BUT in no search could I find anyone selling this lab unit.. it has no active cooling but DOES have a heat sink underneath the driver.. hmm ?? but no fan-- easy to add and in all likelihood needed and no big deal.. so before I can let Alan know we figured out the missing specs He messgs that he has sent me two samples of 445/ 500 one TTL the other analog!! & that new pics have been added --more specs via the pics.
I see the driver has a trimpot--looks like some red snot gooped onto the pot.. nice-- look very bad so out of focus.
I think we can narrow down the diode to an A-130 or A140.. underdriven-- thus no fan-- and my other guess.
a slow burner.
best choice for soft wood--

betting a swap out would be a snap// put a M-150 and a fan-- 'pump up the volume'
Pot mod-able? one way to find out.. should be here n 10 days.
has anyone been able to leave FBack for ebay buys?? (for or from blab1391/ KingKube)