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Jetlasers: no updates after order placed successfully


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Jun 18, 2019
I purchased 980nm laser pointer by looking at the good reviews on jetlasers on this forum. I have attached my order pdf
But jetlasers don't communicate properly at all. Their website doesn't have any contact info as well.

I have made payment via PayPal and status of my order on jetlasers website shows payment accepted. But my question is when are they going to ship my order and how to contact jetlasers customer service team.

I really like how Sanwu and Sky laser team responded to me over mail but jetlasers is really worst.

Please help



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May 14, 2011
If the web site shows your paid order then the order is in---they usually ship DHL and package arrives within 3 days or so.

Apparently you have not actually looked at any of the JL web site pages carefully.
On the top of every page and at the bottom of every page they have an email address to reach them as well as a "contact" link to their contact section on the web site as well + a phone number to call.

Email them and ask what's what with your order.
Their customer service is among the best of the best from all accounts and very responsive.
Don't worry about JetLasers--they have always been 100% reliable and a great manufacturer/supplier.
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Mar 4, 2019
This happened to me as well. The unit arrived at my doorstep about 11 days after I placed the order, and the status still said "payment accepted" at that point but not 'shipped' . That was my second order from JL. Alike you, they were bad with responses on that one, but not my first one.
Consider what youre getting, and who youre getting it from.You cant buy that thing at a Best Buy. They might be dealing with issues within their own nation, own families, etc. Not sure about the laws in India, but i believe they are taking greater risks to export those things than you are to import as the customer. Atleast thats the case in America. Just give them 20 days and if you dont have it by then, that would be a good time to start asking around.

JL is praised a bit too much around here... But... they do deliver eventually.

Also, spend more time on their website via a desktop. Its easier to navigate to their contact portals, of which there are two methds...