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Is there a way to build/buy a safety toggle or cap for a Sanwu Striker?


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Nov 9, 2018
Hi, so I'm the proud owner of a Sanwu 7w. I've treated it like one treats a firearm, with great care and respect.

I'm however very worried about the fact that this particular model (i own the single function, not the multifunction one) has a fairly, mmm let's say 'not so great' wobbly fire button at the back of it and nothing else.

I've so far kept it separated, batteries out, out of respect for it. But it's irritating (and likely not so great mechanical-wise) to have to reassemble it everytime i want to experiment with it. I'm always wearing the best possible eye protection and operate out of a blacked out outhouse. Still, I'm curious: is there a way to include a sliding safety button, or (i realize this might be dumb) some sort of 'cap' where the safety of people around the device would be guaranteed even if the back button was accidently depressed.

I saw people building a lot of 3d building attachments etc, does anyone have any advice on the matter?



May 14, 2011
Removing the battery is really the only 100% way to ensure safety of people who might activate it.

You might ask Sanwu if they can/will make you a keyswitch tailcap or provide a keyswitch perhaps to substitute for the push button switch in the taailcap? Maybe Sanwu would exchange the head for one with the multi function and lock features? Ask.

Alternatively one the LPF builders could do a mod for you maybe---ask member Lifetime17 he has a great building track record see: https://laserpointerforums.com/thre...t-sinks-focus-adapters-lasers.100082/page-104
Jul 10, 2015
You can make a simple slip over switch cover to prevent it getting switched on accidentally and/or a slip over output cover, in this pic I have an American nickel inside a slip over cap made of cardstock and tape to stop the beam if activated in my pocket although I don't typically carry a laser around, also some white plastics are virtually indestructible by our lasers, yes the 7w as well, try burning a glow in the dark ping pong ball, you cant burn it, but it would make a very bright diffuse glow as a safety cover endcap.

Also you can unscrew your switch cap and remove the threaded ring inside, then push out the switch and remove the wobbly buton that's likely just an in-between.

This is not a sanwu but similar I expect, with the rear button removed the actual switch is now shrouded and much harder to accidentally activate but you can easily reach in with your thumb and push the actual switch.

Also I'm sure Lifetime17/Rich can make you a flip open cover or something to your liking.


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