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Is C4Lasers trustworthy?


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Sep 9, 2019
I recently purchased a "200mW" "532 nm" green laser called the "stella" from C4Lasers and I was wondering if the company is trustworthy and if the product is actually good or total trash. Heres a link to the product https://www.c4lasers.com/class-4-lasers/13-stella-200mw-burning-laser-pointer-the-best-entry-level-burning-laser-pointer.html?u=1567908671941#/1-accessories-no_accessoriess/28-laser_wavelength-green_532nm_laser_beam


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May 14, 2011
Trustworthy as far as you can throw them. What difference does it make, you already purchased?

C4lasers is just another Chinese smoke and mirrors garbage site .
Return it or refuse delivery and get a refund if possible, then get the same thing on eBay for $6.50 including shipping

Everything C4lasers offers is low cost, low quality mass produced Chinese product at very inflated, 4X to 8X ordinary retail, high prices.
Is not going to be 200mW either.

"C4lasers" claims to be a business in Portland , OR yet everything they resell above 5mW is illegal to import to USA + Sales, as a business, of hand held laser pointers with outputs over 5mW within the USA to someone in the USA is also illegal/prohibited.
Common sense should have told you you were being ripped off for 3 to 4x the cost/price by a "ghost"/"outlaw" Chinese business web site pretending to be an OR business and shipping out of the trunk of a car or a container in California or from China from their pretend "factory", as mentioned under "Shipping" on their web site.

Better luck next time. Do some homework on resellers or at least ask on LPF before you buy.

PS C4Lasers has the same NY phone number and products as the "ghost" Chinese business "best laser pointers" LOL
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