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I'm getting an error message on my Laser Bee A!


New member
Dec 27, 2011
BTW... do not touch the outside of the OPHIR head with your fingers.... it will skew the readings until the head acclimates to the ambient air temp....
Interesting. I always move your thermopile by the wire so as not to touch the thermopile or heat sink. I didn't think about that with the Ophir being enclosed.

It had been sitting there for a few minutes without being touched by the time I used it though.

And if your head has the same characteristics as the OPHIR 20C heads you need to let the head electronically stabilize for 15 minutes after powering it on before taking any Laser power readings.
I noticed the "zero reading" was dropping the longer I had it powered up. When I first powered it up the "zero" was about 1.0mV (3mW) but by the time I was doing the tests it was down to 0.5mV-0.7mV.

I'll try to power it up longer before taking a reading next time and see if it gets any closer to zero.