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I need a new laserpointer project


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Mar 17, 2019

since I started to join this forum, I built some custom made and/or modded flashlight laseerpointers with different colours and laser power.

1. 405 nm 500 mW
2. 450 nm 1,2W; 1,7 W: 7W+
3. 465 nm; 1,8 W
4. 488 nm; 150 mW
5. 505 nm; 150 mW
6. 520 nm; 800 mW
7. 635 nm; 200 mW and 700 mW

I have only little use for the 405 nm Laser. So the diode connected with the driver is in my spare part box.
My favorite is the 520 nm laser. The beam is very visible with low divergence.
Second place is the single mode 488 nm laser, followed by the 200 mW single mode 635 nm laser and the single mode 450 nm laser.

The 7w+ Laser is a real burner, i will use it in future stationary for cutting styrodur foam and thin paper. (Any ideas to connect it to a cheap CNC laser engraver is wellcome)

Next project could be a high power, low divergence laser. But I think, for this project I need a different optic.

But I also love the low divergence of the single mode laser diodes.

best regards