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i look for 520nm laser in a 1x14500 host. even if only 500mw(due to HEAT) is ok!


Dec 27, 2008
i already own a 445nm laser in trustfire f25 silver host (1x14500) that i REALLY LOVE. it is set to 600mw max. i bought here in this site about 2/3 years ago from a member i don't remember the name.

i hate handeld laser because i can not bring with me that kind of laser. so i only uses 10minutes ( or less) in a year these lasers.

i understand that 1w 520 prduce a lot ot heat. but i would use this laser only for max 30 sec / 45sec continuosly. not more! ( 90% of times less than 15 seconds).
i think that if a 445n in a 14500 host can handle 600mw will be the same with 520nm.

If you are a trusted custom laser builder, make me an offer of the price you ask to build this laser.
generally builders uses BIG HOSTS,with higher costs!!!! i only ask to use a more little host , knowing to have only low seconds to keep laser "on"!