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How to fir 30 pin LCD panel to 40 pin laptop video connector?


New member
Feb 22, 2021
(sorry I am new so I can not post any links or attachments, so I have to explain in words)
I have a 30 pin LCD panel and 40 pin laptop that need a LCD panel.

1. I see 30/40 pin converter BUT I doubt it will work. Anybody tried it?

2, I have hear 30 pin can fit into 40 pin and leave 10 pins empty. Does anyone know which pins to match?

3. 30 pin is 15.4" and laptop is 17", Will size make difference?

4. Most important question. I have 19" LCD panel from a monitor, Can I use it for laptop? Here are details.
Monitor is Westinghouse L1928NV, 19", It has (2) connectors into LCD panel, Search this thread to see a photo.

Acer 22" Monitor maintenance​