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Hello from WI

Apr 23, 2015

I've been stalking the forums for quite a while and finally decided it was time to join!

I live in Northeast WI. I'm 31, a Software Developer and System Administrator (Linux). My biggest hobbies include, reef-keeping, electronics tinkering/building, and RPG gaming (currently hooked on D3 and Hearthstone

I first became interested in lasers about 8 years ago. I was determined to build one but kinda dropped the project over the years due to lack of time, resources, and a newborn. I got as far as build a few from salvaged optical drives but that's about it.

I'm back now though! Couple months ago I saw a video and read some stuff online about laser pest control in aquariums. I'm not 100% confident of it's effectiveness. I sure hope it works as well as some people claim. But at the very least it's a valid excuse to buy the laser I've wanted for 8yrs. Lasers are so much cheaper now then they were 8yrs ago too! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing though.

Anyways, look forward to learning and tinkering with everyone!!

** I apologize that this wasn't my first post too. :( I wasn't sure if it was needed or not and I generally don't introduce myself since I assume nobody cares anyways and will eventually get to know me over time