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Hello from Ontario!


New member
Jan 4, 2021
Good day, all!

I'm a new member from Ontario, Canada that is diving in with a DIY laser CNC machine. I have limited knowledge of electronics and mechanics and no history with optics. I do have a little bit of a background with computer programming but for the most part, this has been a case of me diving off the deep end of the pool. I love diving in with new hobbies because I love how it engages my brain and challenges me to push myself in learning new things and testing my capabilities.

That said, I have been taking every precaution to learn about all of the potential dangers with lasers before purchasing one and made sure my first order was a pair of OD 6 safety glasses from techhood before I bought the diode from DTR. Safety is always top of my mind as my anxious brain wouldn't allow anything else. :ROFLMAO:

I have been building a Lowrider from V1 Engineering (the folks behind the MPCNC) and I decided to start with a laser on it instead of a router because my fiance didn't want the noise of a router until we have a property with a workshop separate from the house. The machine itself is up and running and I can already attach a pen to it to get it to draw pictures. Our province is in a lockdown right now from COVID and I am hoping that I can maybe get the laser going while I'm stuck at home not working.

Hoping you're all staying safe & healthy!