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Hello from Ohio

Oct 25, 2008
Hi all.  Since I am new here, I thought I'd post a little about myself.

I work as a researcher at a university doing solar cell research.  We use lots of lasers, and just recently wanted to add one as a thickness monitor. So, I was looking for a good blue laser diode.  Thor labs and digikey wanted over a thousand, and that would have broken our research budget!  I stumbled on this site about two months ago and have been stuck since!  ;) Too much a laser geek, I guess.  

My first laser exposure was with cheap laser pointers.  Then, I took some optics courses as an undergraduate.  Did the typical interferometer labs, etc.  Then, as a graduate student I worked with an Coherent Ar+ Innova laser, doing 15W CW.  Pumping a TiSaphire.  Now I play with Krypton, HeNe, Argon, NiYag, and some others.  I think laser diodes are really neat. :)

I've purchased a few PHR 803T, but since I need a photodiode on die, I think the PS3 diode will work better.  Nobody here seams to care about the stability of their power (within reason) as long as it is bigger than the next guys! ::) I don't really care if mine is 5mW, but I need the power to be really stable. If anybody has a driver that incorporates feedback, PM me.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the build to show soon.