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Hello from Finland!


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Feb 25, 2010
Its an LOC see the chip almost goes all the way to the back... And @ 300mA you should definately see something unless your voltage isnt right or your diode is popped.
Thanks for confirming!

Today came my bare aixiz optic modules and one aixiz glass lens.

Took me a few minutes to figure out what goes where as they werent assembled.

I understood that the aixiz glass lens is supposed to be better with red than the stock acrylic one while also giving a longer and better beam for longer distances?

Anyways... now I can see the beam much better and the spot isnt all over the place. Very nice! Shame my phone phone camera cant capture the beam good. Looks so very nice and sparkly in snow storm! Also tested it burns dark paper and can "scratch" surface of black plastic so fast that I can literally just write what I want to the surface... maybe a bit dangerous and this gave me an idea of "safety switch" for the final case which cuts out 2x of the 10ohm resistors, leaving me with 125ma of power. Which I think itself is WAY too much to be a safety switch of any sort.

Next weekends job is to build a more or less nice case to all this, though I have no idea what type I will make it. An aluminium box has been on my mind, which acts as a heatsink for the diode and LM317, it shouldnt be too large and fit nicely in my pocket.