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Hello Everyone! :)

Jan 21, 2009
Hey everybody!!!
I'm new to this forum, and to the whole "laser" world.
I found this forum one year ago, the same time when I was doing some laser research. I never registered until now. :)
I still can't figure out how I managed to find out about those lasers and this forum... I think it was by accident heh.

Anyways my name is Daniel. I'm 19, (soon to be 20) year's old. I live in Sweden.
From the first time I saw a laser and read about them on the Internet, I falled in love with them instantly. :)
Some of my interests are, lasers, computers, computer gaming, and paranormal thing's.

At the moment, I'm waiting to purchase a high powered laser. It's so exciting. I've never had or used a laser before, so it will be my first laser! I will try to upload pics for you when the laser arrives.  ::)
If someone is interested to speak online, I have MSN, you can just ask for it. Would be fun to chat with you guy's who know's alot about lasers, or have much experience with them.

I must say, it's really interesting to read what you all have in mind about lasers on the forum. All you'r experiences, reviews etc. It's a really great forum!