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Hello all


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Apr 14, 2008
Hello to everyone on the forum. I have been sneaking around in the shodows for a bit so I figured it was about time to actual join the forum. I am currently a student at the Univ. of Arizona studying physics and astronomy. At the moment I am working with one of the professors there on getting a new project going involving testing and possible applications of laser systems, particularly on the blue end of the visible spectrum. When we get some of the lasers up and running I will post up the test results in the blue section. As for my personal lasers, I currently have a couple of cheap reds @ <1mW,
a couple of greens at 5mW, a homebuilt red from a 20x dvd burner that I have yet to test the output on and I just ordered a 35mW green this afternoon. I will be building a blu with a ps3 diode in the near future and then a 6x blu after that. I look forward to contributing what I can!