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Hello all from Florida.

Sep 18, 2013
Hello all, this is my second post. I just bought my second (ever) laser today from TheJoker301’s store (a 100mW 532nm). That I discovered from this forum. I made my first post in his thread to make some comments and ask questions, and realized I need to make a post here to introduce myself and not get off topic in his thread with all the introduction stuff. In the last few weeks I have been researching lasers I have come to respect the opinions and recommendations of LaserPointersForums and will most likely reference any future purchase and laser decisions here first.

I have been fascinated with lasers for years and just finally got to the point that I decided I wanted to start collecting a few. Also I usually have all my hobby funds tied up in computer and car stuff, but I have had a recent bump in expendable income, so lasers are now my other hobby! I ordered a WL Arctic 1.4w on Sunday for my burning/fun laser. I know overpriced and mixed opinions on this site. But the continuous duty cycle, expanded lens kit, lasersaber, host, and yes even the Phoforce make it worth it to me. Plus I had lusted over it for years before I had done any real research into lasers.

I will definitely be adding more lasers to my collection in the future. I am eventually going to want to add a 500mW+ 532nm a 3w+ 445nm, and a ~200mW 660nm. I need to do some more research but I know there are purple as well that I would like to get, and if I read right there is a way to make orange with some sort of powered? I have got to wait to replenish my laser hobby fund, lol. I spent a good amount getting a few Safety glasses for the different wave lengths (Since I currently have none) and a few Tenergy Li-Ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2600mAh, and a charger, since I do not trust WL batt and charger from what I have read. My WL Artic will arrive tomorrow from UPS! I was a bit leery from all the research I have done about their shipping. This is a good first sign that they may have got their act together. It is coming from Richmond VA. It looks like they may be importing there stuff ahead of time to alleviate the customer dealing with waiting for customs. Hopefully all else will be good tomorrow as well.
I look forward to getting to know peeps here and learning more from the forum. I am off to see what informative post I can find.