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Has anyone bought the Jetlasers Equality series 1W 520nm Laser Dazzler Torch?


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Jun 6, 2014
I was talking to Gray about this laser and he sent me some videos of the operation and the beam profile as you can electronicly adjust the dot size with the two up/down arrow buttoms. he said the beam is fiber coupled so its a circular spot vs a line like conventional lens make with multimode diodes. That caught my eye. also at 10m the spot size at the most focused/collimated setting is only 5-7 cm. then 10cm at 5m at the widest. for a dazzler that can colimate pretty close to fully colimated is pretty impressive. creates for quite the versitile laser. I was curious as to if anyone has bought one of these yet. its kinda expensive but it does have some neat features.