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Guidance/Advice On 1.3W 520nm Build


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May 25, 2017
The difference between the units listed as 1W and 1.3W are just the lens. The two element lens passes about 20% less power than the G-2 hence the lower rating for the complete units with driver. These are set to 2.2A unless otherwise requested. Currently they are using the blackbuck 3 since the SXD is not available which can also run continuously at this current with no heatsinking in the back of the module so the only duty cycle you will have to worry about is the for the module based on the host/heatsinking that is used for it.:beer:
Great, thanks for clearing that up on the lenses guess I will for sure do the G-2. With the s4x host and extended heat sink I'm sure running it a few minutes at a time won't be an issue.