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Greetings from NorCal


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Jul 7, 2009
Hello out there....

...Thought I'd stop by and introduce myself...:wave:

I first discovered LPF while doing a Google search on green laser pointers this past summer.

Although I consider myself a "noob" to the world of lasers, I've learned a lot by just lurking around, browsing through threads and posts, and gathering information here since I joined in July. I've spent most of my time in "PM" land.

LPF is definitely a mixture of laser knowledge, pop culture, extreme drama at times, insightful discussions, and quirkiness. No wonder I like this place...:D

Unfortunately for me, I made an impulsive purchase decision early on here involving an ex-seller on this forum that cost me a lot of money, time, and exasperation.
Luckily, that transaction has finally worked itself out and I can move on to better things.

The lesson I learned from that experience? Do your research, ask quality questions that require quality answers, double check everything, and keep good notes...;)

Anyway, nice meeting y'all and see ya out there.....


P.S. The avatar is my late 90's Giant Lava Lite motion lamp with red lava (appears pink in pictures) in clear liquid. I do enjoy the flow...
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