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Dec 10, 2013
On Monday I bought two small items from gismo, an Eagle Pair 580-660 OD2.5 and a SKY laserpen LP635-20 which LPM'ed around 10mW overspec.

Communications were lightning quick and within an hour or two that evening we'd exchanged several messages and I had sent the payment. The very next morning at the crack of dawn I had a PM telling me that the goods would be posted that day, and they duly were. Tracking number was sent that evening.

From Ireland, over the puddle, up to Scotland and then on its way to me (which because of my location, almost always adds an extra day), I got the package today. Great, just in time for the weekend. I wish all post was this efficient.

I had a bit of buyer's remorse after buying the laser and was originally only intending to pick up the goggles. Gismo however did me a great deal on them both and I felt it was too good to pass up the opportunity to own another wavelength, so I went for it.

It was an agreement which worked out for us mutually :beer:

That's the box it came in. The Eagle Pair came in their case and was padded with an inflatable clear cushion like thing. The laser in the other side of the box was wrapped in bubble wrap and in its case - perfectly adequate for a non DPSS laser.

Everything is as described and the goggles appear to do their job adequately for a budget set of low OD protection.

650 and 635 are not actually that easy to tell apart. 635 is a tad more orange, but is still very "red" to my eyes. It seems that our eyes stop seeing reds any differently once we go past a certain point as I'd have expected there to be far more difference in 15 nanometres than a tiny change of tint.

The only thing that I did notice is that the lens seems quite dirty/well worn on this as the dot output isn't 100% clean. I tried cleaning it to no avail, but as long as the splash it creates doesn't bugger up photography attempts I'll just leave it, as it's not really affecting the performance of the laser in any way.

I did a video of both the products which serves as a proof that gismo is excellent to deal with, and a sort of half baked review too. It's an unlisted video; I record these purely for LPF.

NOTE: my memory failed me while recording, it's 10mW overspec, not 30 :crackup:

All in all I'm happy, my wavelength collection has put on a bit of weight and I've gained my fourth pair of safety goggles :beer: :crackup:

I would recommend gismo and was very pleased at how prompt and polite he was to deal with. And one final point, although we mere mortals cannot control the speed or quality of post, I feel that he made a more than reasonable effort that the package was posted in an acceptable time and in a way that it would reach me safely and promptly.

:bday: :angel:
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Sep 5, 2013
Nice! :)

One tip I would recommend to try and clean the lens off is to blow air in it. Try using a turkey baster on the lens and it should work. I have tried it many times on some of my lasers and everything was A.O.K afterward.

Enjoy your laser!


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Jan 8, 2013
I'm glad basically all worked fine in the end:beer:. I'm honoured and flattered, I don't deserve so much goodness:D. This is probably the 1st time I've been thanked publicly in youtube video. Which I find nice to watch, indeed. Never tested them OD2.5 glasses properly (just once if if I remember correctly), so it's good to see it has found a good home together with the little cherry red from laserbtb in hands of a devoted lpf.com member (shall my name rest on the sticker in piece as a reminder it used to belong to me once:p).

The collection is growing, might get out of control sooner than you realise...:D

Admiteddly, trencheel303 proved himself as a guy great to communicate with, would recommend him as a buyer in the future deals with others to come.

Thanks very much for this feedback!