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getting more members



would it be wise to paste a link to this forum from the dx website?
seems people really dont know where to begin when it comes to lasers. someone wrote:

Deadman Monday, August 06, 2007 8:36 AM Reply

Would it be possible to short out one of the resisters of the laser to give it increase the power on this saw this mod on a website (i carnt remember it) , its to increase the power to around 100mw(this statement was is loosely used) But would this overload the diode and destroy the laser, (i know about voiding warenty.)

i'm just gonna say:

this type of laser is pretty much useless to mod. the driver board has a Automatic Power Control (APC)

The laser he is going on about is the 5mw http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.91

problem is although it may generate more trafic and members to the site, the quality of members and posts may decline rapidly. plus some kid may blind themself or something and try blame the forum.



Well, any and all are welcome here, and hopefully they will read the rules, and tthe safety section on here, and not end up blinding themselves ! that is a risk with any online reading - nobody on here says you MUST do this - it is all about recommendations, and common sense. IF someone were to stoop to the level of idiocy and attempt any legal action against this forum, I think they would find out that it would be thrown out pretty fast, as I DO have at least little bit of faith in the US Justice system - I can only hope I am never proven wrong !


New member
Jul 19, 2007
why not post a link on LC? we can see how quickly the post gets edited or you get banned ::)

im a member of a couple small, but quality forums for various things. I could make a couple posts about lasers, see if theres anyone interested and pm around a couple links to the site, hopefully thatll pull in a couple new members