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FS: 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver, 1.6W 638nm diode


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Jan 27, 2014
Hi guys, I’m selling off some stuff... I’ve gotten into plasma art which is a way more expensive hobby than lasers! :p

First up is a 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver. Sanwu sells it for $400, I’m asking $275. It’s in very good condition and still outputs a very clean beam. Edit: SOLD

Next a 1.6W 638nm diode (9mm) from eBay that I bought for $110 a while back. It is a single beam diode, not the dual beam garbage floating around. It has never been taken out of its case, so it should be safe from ESD and other damage. I’m asking $85 shipped.

That is all for now. I’m going to add more later. Please PM me if you’re interested, I accept PayPal.
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