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FS: 100 Watt HID


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Sep 21, 2007
Ok so if your interested is getting this beamer for only $125 bucks, post here and send PM... (plus parts and shipping)

All of the build details are shown here:

100 Watt HID Mod

I'm selling this awesome build because I happened to find another host the exact same, and since the HID kit came with two, I will build another the exact same...

If you look through the build thread, you will see that there are two lights in this build. A table light, and the 100 Watt HID...

* 100 Watt HID
* Secondary Table Light
* 13000mAh Li-po pack
* Voltage monitor

Other details on the quality of the host, etc... are shown in the build thread linked above...

It is a complete light with everything ready except for the balance charger which you will need to have for this Li-po pack. (or I can get a balance charger for it and send it together if you desire)

Parts cost:

Host: $35 (I actually got it for $10 plus $11 shipping but that's a steal. $35 is a very fair price for the host)
Heat shield, wire, etc...: $40
Li-po pack - $80
HID kit - $40 (half the price of the kit which came with two HID ballasts and bulbs)
Focus piece custom made - I'll put a price of $25 on that - very tedious to make that piece - see build thread)
LED Secondary light: $60 (driver, copper pieces, glass lens, emitter, etc...)
Voltage monitor - $35

Total parts: $315

Shipping - send PM

Hope you like it! :)
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