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? from a newbie on a laser setup


New member
May 18, 2009
well to start with i am in the usa. i did have a piece of stiff wire hanging down from the front axle last year but it was always getting hit and bent. the wire did work but if you move your head side to side the angle would change causing you to driff. my hope was to use a lser dot to always be in the same spot all the time. i am useing this to cultivate tobacco the point helps me keep the front of the tractor straight with the row so the plow in the back does not cover up the tobacco. the dot would be beteen the front tire and the back tire. the idea came to from my hunying days when i had a laser on my bow. if i can power one of the hunting lasers off my power supply and it would run for hours on end i would go that route. for all you folks that know farmers you know they can have very strange ideas sometimes. so i hope this info helps clear up eveything.
thanks for all the interest far fetched idea.