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For Sale: Wicked Laser Spyder III (532nm) - Hi Power Model + 10X B/E + Lens Kits + Holster + Spares

Jul 14, 2015
Here is the best of the best (2014 Model) Wicked Laser Spyder III Krypton handheld laser in perfect condtion for $750. It is the full power model (>850mW). It was the last year of the 532NM laser before they went to the 520NM version in 2015. Actual "on-time" is on the order of minutes...probably less than 10 minutes since I've owned it. Comes with manual, output graph from the factory, two sets of lenses, an extra tailcap, holster, charger and a 10X beam expander. Note: Specification tag on main unit is peeling slightly (Spare tag included!). Sale is: As-Is although guaranteed not to be DOA.Laser Package.jpg


  • 10X Beam Expander.JPG
    10X Beam Expander.JPG
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  • Lens Kit 1.JPG
    Lens Kit 1.JPG
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  • Lens Kit 2.JPG
    Lens Kit 2.JPG
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  • 532nm Krypton Graph.jpg
    532nm Krypton Graph.jpg
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  • Blast.jpg
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