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Flimsy DragonLasers Boxes!


New member
Jan 15, 2008
For reference, here are the boxes that I'm talking about:

Same flimsy hinge and carbon fiber-style pattern on the case

The < 40mW is from several years ago, when Wicked sold the pen-style CNI models with golden aperture, a golden ring near the front, a golden pen clip and back end, etc. The other box is from just last year, November I believe, when I ordered a 95mW Nexus, which got upgraded for free to a Fusion, because I was still under the impression there weren't any alternatives to WL for laserists. Boy was I wrong (thank god).

I'm really glad they decided to ship my $500 laser in an empty box so it could really feel the full force of the impact and the G forces as the shipping employees in various places tossed the package around. I guess WL no longer gives a shit.