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Flash Pumped ND:YAG


Jun 29, 2010
Unsure if correct forum, I didn't find any of the 1064nm variety. After originally considering a ruby laser, I ended up purchasing a JK-700 ND:YAG cavity assembly on eBay, and will be doing some experimentation with is unit, manufacturing quality. From my research it seems to be designed for 350 - 400 watt output power, but what I was unable to find is what the input should be, if anyone has any more information on these units that would be awesome. I haven't been able to find much in terms of power requirements. would like to start off at relatively low power. Any recommendations on designing the trigger circuit for the flash lamps? Appears that series triggering will be the best option here due to how the cavity is designed and sealed. Also seems triggering both lamps simultaneously might be difficult.

Pictures below: