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First Successful LPF Buy-Review

Dec 25, 2013
I recently bought a used (essentially brand new, no marks or scuffs on laser or the case it came in, all parts included) HL300 532nm Laser from SerpantSlayer. The entire process was quick and painless, laser arrived two days after payment was sent, and the whole time my seller kept in contact and alleviated any concerns I had. The product arrived and is exactly as described, zero problems and as I said, brand new. All the stickers which I normally remove immediately were still attached.

I'm not going to bother posting any pictures of the laser as 90% of LPF members know exactly what this laser looks like and any more beam shots would be redundant I feel like. However it is SUPER bright, no doubt overspec as it rivals my 2w 445nm and outshines my 1.6w LuckLaser (pos anyways) by far.

Overall im extremely happy and would do business with this seller again in a heartbeat. What an awesome feeling to have my first buy be such a success, puts a good feeling in my heart to know this community has integrity and above all it increases the familial sense I get every time I log on and read or post on LPF. I absolutely love these forums, and my new laser. :yh:

SerpantSlayer is a stand up guy and was very patient with me while I established my paypal account and provided pics/vids when I asked. I just cannot say enough good things about this guy. If I could +100 rep him I would. This is just my first purchase and I feel that I'm just beginning to become a part of the community we have here at LPF. SerpantSlayer had a large part in that and I thank him for it.

If pictures are necessary I can always come back and give you guys some beam shots but like I said, its your standard overspec HL300.

Once again, and lastly, thank you SerpantSlayer and thank you to all the LPF members who have given me advice and been patient with my naivety. After this I am considering purchasing the entire rest of my planned collection through LPF members so long as they're reputable.. :yh:

Cheers and thanks LPF members:beer: I'm an extremely happy owner of my first true 532nm Laser! The BS pen I had before was just a huge disappointment. :crackup: