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First project, putting together a shopping list


Oct 3, 2021
I'm ready to get my feet wet with this laser thing. My first project will be building an adjustable table upon which I can attach a bench mounted laser, along with the ability to mount 'other' needful goodies onto the said bench. This will be a simple 'test-bed' designed to familiarize myself with the fundamentals of working with lasers. Nothing fancy! "Laser 101". I'll wait until I've learned a bit more before I start messing around with fancy things!
I've been window shopping for components, and have settled on DTR's Laser Shop for my initial component setup. Wanting to keep things simple, I'm looking at the following components;

*NDB7A75 diode, 3.5 watts @ 445nm
*DTR-G-8 Glass Lens
*Super X-Driver set @3.5 amps
*25mm copper module

I'm assuming that I will be able to adjust a pot, on this driver, in order to tweak the current output should/when I wish to monkey around with that.
In the mean time... Do you folks think that these components will make for a good system? Feel free to offer any advice, hints, tweaks, etc.. It's all about 'learning' at 'this' stage of my game. I'd like to know whether or not I'm getting started on the right foot with a proper combination of components.