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First Laser Build - Using Module


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Oct 1, 2018
Been busy.....and after buying my first lasers, decided to progress into making my own laser.

Started off with a Maplin Laser


The Maplin housing is fairly robust and 12mm inside diameter. Next step was to find a suitable module, and found a UK site 12mm Green Dot Laser Modules and bought the 50mW Green Laser Module (Spring and Wire Connections)

Now I have a housing and a compatible [well almost] laser module. All that was left was to insert the module and drill a hole for the on/off switch..I'd mislaid the original Maplin on off plastic button..!!

Once the hole was drilled in the correct position, the module was slid into place with the outer wall of the module making contact with the inside of the housing, creating the circuit, CASE +ve. And because the housing is not an exact fit, some epoxy resin was used to secure the module, not the best.....!

Don't have access to a LPM but the beam is nice, much better than my Tweaked Maplin.

Also added a lens cap. This was made from Laser Pen Host/Body and fits over the end of the module.

For a starter project imo its more than anyone could need for a pointer and is excellent for pointing at stars.





The hosts are great and the only ones available are for sale in the USA only.

My next project is using 50mW Green (520nm) Adjustable Focus Direct Diode Dot Laser Module 3V (12mm) and I'd probably need to use a housing with a tail switch or modify a torch.


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Sep 20, 2013
What?! No beam shots? Congrats on building one of these. Yeah, all the 12mm modules are case positive, though there are many different power ones depending on the pump diode. I haven't checked lately, but Fasttech used to sell modules for ~$5.00 each that could be set as high as 70-80 mW. I still have a couple of those and a few that can be set as high as 200 mW.