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First build help :) (sort of)


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Mar 31, 2014
INTRO(if case anybody gives a ****)

Hi guys! Thanks for all the useful information on the forum. It is really great to have so many experienced people, so I don't burn myself up :thanks:
I am an overall gadget freak and lasers are up next, so...

A couple of months ago I bought a cheap laser from Aliexpress. I didn't know anything about lasers and almost nothing about electronics back then. After some time I got a little bit more familiar with the way electronic devices, batteries and other stuff works. (started vaping, got a DMM, some 18650 and 18350's)
So I decided to upgrade the laser I got. Main reason is that after just a few seconds of running the beam dims and a component on the regulator gets overheated. Oh, and also the lens was crap crap.


I have decided to use this "waterproof" kinda-focusable host I have.

Tail reverse clicky. I have dissasembled this to replace the tail cap and it seems to be working fine.

Body front with inside threads for heatsink positive connection (20 mm threads)

Lens holder inside

Lens holder outside: 9mm inner threads, 12mm outer threads
Heatsink (positive connectrion) with old green module pressed inside (20mm threads), spring goes to bttery negative

Old lens. It has 9mm outer threads, but was instead glued ?!?! (cheap china ****). So after heating and brute force pushing, I did manage to get it out. Lens did't survive.

Panasonic NCR 18650B protected

Efest IMR 18350 unprotected

Module support


The aim is to get a decent not so high powered laser without investing a ton of money. I have decided to go with Fasttech for parts. O-rings will be inserted all possible places :D

$10.85 50mW 405nm Blue-Violet / Royal Purple Dot Laser Module at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
I suppose it is better than
$6.31 20mW 405nm Blue-Violet / Royal Purple Dot Laser Module at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
because of the price and the fact that is seems to have a seemingly sophisticated module casing. Will be harder to install in the host, though.

Thread grease:
$3.18 JETBeam MG20 Silicone Grease for Flashlight Maintenance (20g) at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

Thermal paste:
$1.38 Thermal Conduction Silicone Rubber Cubes (1*1*0.5cm/10-Pack) 10-pack - perfect for processors, regulator chips, and flashlight drivers at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
To be applied between module casing and heatsink.

Magnets for 18350/18500 battery:
$1.15 Round Super Strong Rare-Earth Neodymium NIB Magnets (10-Pack) 10-pack - 5mm*1.5mm / perfect for use on batteries at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
If the 18650 doesn't fit at the end. These will be used to connect the negative of the 18350 or 18500.

Battery contact plate:
$2.08 20mm Partition Boards for AMC7135 LED Flashlight Drivers (5-Pack) 5-pack at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
This will be used in conjunction with a non-conductive spring, or soldered to the battery holder.

Since I need a new one.

Whatever fits at the end. Possible excessive free space will be filled with magnets
-Panasonic NCR 188650B
-Efest/AW 18500
-Efest/AW 18350
I know I can do with cheaperr batteries, but I like using good ones.


1) The heatsink is used for positive connection right now. If I fit the new module inside (which uses 2 leads for connection) will it short out?
2) Any bright ideas on how to build a sturdy battery negative connector
3) This host has a lens holder. What if I use 2 sets of lenses? (one in the module, one in the host's lens holder) Will it improve the laser and how? I know the module I will buy uses acrylic lens. From what I've read acrylic is cheap and used for low power lasers as the one I am building. What if I use glass collimation lenses. Will there be a real difference (besides more resistant to scratches and more fragile)?
4)What can I fit into the 12mm outer thread of the lens holder? Any ideas?
5) Anything else you experienced guys think of!
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Mar 31, 2014