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Experimental PIV system using 532nm green laser - Please advise


New member
May 14, 2021
Hi Everyone, first time posting so bear with me.

I am currently looking to develop and inexpensive particle image velocimetry (PIV) system, and I want to use a high power laser pointer as a cheaper substitute to research-grade lasers.

Past studies have made use of 532nm, 100mW class 3b laser pointers so I would like to use something similar. It was recommended to use a NovaLaser x100 compact laser pointer, however that company has since gone out of business and its therefore inaccessible. Can you recommend a good quality alternative?

Please note, my budget is $200 - $500. I also require a lens kit for the laser in order to collimate the laser beam into a sheet, please recommend a good laser pointer + lens kit combination within budget.

Thanks for the assistance.


Well-known member
Oct 3, 2018
Do you really need 532nm?
There are cheap diodes in the 520nm range that could be suitable. These are cheaper because the whole system is less complicated. No IR diode + crystal + mirror just direct green.
If you just want to count particles with a cam, every visible wavelength would be ok. So the cheapest would be a 638nm diode with 185mW. These would only require a collimating lens and a line lens. I think <100$ would be doable.