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Experience with Trinh Hong Phuoc (Positive feedback)


Aug 11, 2019
Hi guys,
just received my order from Trinh, I think it's good to give some feedback.

Order : it was easy, even if there is obviously a barrier language, Trinh answers every question quickly and can details you what you will have.
I asked for an existing model and Trinh stated that he would do something similar. I agreed with that, and I did not go into deep details with him.
That was my choice.

Payment : I trusted his rep, and from then it was simple.

Shipping : I knew ordering with Trinh would take some time, but I had no issue with it, and Trinh told me he was gonna have holiday. Overall he totally respected the schedule and the laser arrived here after a month.

Product received :
- Host -
This match my expectation, it is a good quality build and I did it to experience and see what else I can expect in the future. I think compared to what is on the market, it is a very good deal. Copper / Titanium combination with no saving on the weight the host is definitely quality!
Regarding the design, Trinh respected the original idea, there might be a some real minor difference, but I'm satisfied ; note this if you are really picky with your design.

- Optics -
I cannot measure the output yet, but from comparison to my other lasers (55mw to 700mw) this seem to be in specs with the burning capabilities and visibility I expected. (reminder for newbies, do not get one of those without goggles!)
I will be a bit worried about the longevity of the diode because it is an decanned one with G8.
The thing is, the infinity focus on the lens is really close to get the lens all the way out ; now unless I'm missing something, there is no way to setup the lens so I can screw it to a limit and set that limit to infinity (I don't know if I'm making myself clear here tho), and I'm afraid the focus could get loose since it is not at a stop.
It might be good to work on better finition on the lens / diode position on the host.

There again, I'm happy to have dealt with Trinh, would do it again and recommend.
Thank you Trinh, to know that you are making those on demand, I think you are doing a good job.

Be Safe :)

picture next to my "still favorite" viper 55mw.


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New member
Mar 28, 2020
His lasers look great, and they come in awesome wavelengths, thinking of buying either one of his lasers of an LPM next.