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Nov 9, 2007
I first got my first laser about 2 years ago it was a 5mw 2aaa one from some store and it was so much fun but after 2 years it was covered in scratches had some button problems so i decided to see what was inside of it i took of the top and commenced to break of the thing holding the lens, the lens got tons of scratches on it, it then completely came out so i had to superglue the lens back in place and it still works lol but now its a .5mw laser.

So i looked for a new laser and found out about green ones and saw in this magazine a 5mw green one and was like wow that looks cool but it was $100 dollors so i looked on the internet and found wicked lasers and found a 15mw green for the same price 3 times the power. But then i stumbled accros the kipkay hack which led me to this forum and found out about nova so now i am getting a x65... basicly $29.00 dollers more for like 4 times the power of the 15mw wicked.

Now i just have to be patient and wait until i get the x65,Luckly i have enuf money right now to get 2 gb diodes and make 2 burning lasers, I already have the case made for one with deadels circuit a indicator led some switches and a nice computer fan that runs real quiet to cool it.

I dont think ill be able to wait lol.

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