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ebay laser hosts

the nerdling

New member
May 27, 2014
i'm a newbie and i found these two hosts
what do you think of them, i want to make an awesome laser for cheap.
i have a few dvd burners so the diode isn't a problem, found a driver on ebay, i have a small module/housing which i cant get focused right
i have access to lathes, a mill, drill presses, taps and dies, press, welders. so i could make a housing and use my lens/housing parts, but my skills are limited and the tools aren't the best condition
any suggestions?

Waterproof Adjustable Focusable Housing Case FOR Laser Pointer Hunting DIY KIT | eBay
Waterproof Focusable Adjustable Housing Case FOR Laser Pointer Module Mount | eBay