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Drivers Needed: Large Quantity

Solomon Laser

New member
Jun 25, 2017

If no member can provide this than I would greatly appreciate suggestions :)

I am looking for small laser boost drivers (11mmx15mm or smaller).

I am looking to buy up to 100, so wholesale pricing is a must. I would prefer to buy and therefore support a member on this forum.

I want to run the laser on one 3V or 3.6V lithium battery. It would be mainly for 405nm and 445nm lasers but should also be able to drive a red laser. I need the output current to be at least 1 Amp but preferably closer to 2 Amps. A heat sink would be preferable, but no worries if not :)

I am also looking for a green laser driver of this size or smaller.

If someone has designs in mind I can also send those off to be made... while paying you a fee for the design... maybe for every unit.

Here is a driver that I had in mind... but it is too expensive.