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Dragon Lasers Update


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Mar 17, 2006
i have seen a few people complaining about the quality of their dragon lasers on lasercommunity. those complaining said their lasers pretty much burnt out and stopped working properly. others, however, seem to be happy with them.

is dragon lasers basically selling the same lasers that wicked used to have?

what exactly are the differences between the lasers that wicked has now, and the lasers that dragon lasers is selling?

btw, i noticed the price of the 125mW laser on dragon lasers went up recently.

Oct 24, 2006
I've been hearing some more bad DL stuff recently such as not having any stickers on the laser. As for a good or bad laser, they don't make them, so its all luck of the draw. However, the DLs generally should be poorer than the new WLs.

Yes, they are selling the ones WL used to have, and as I have mentioned before, that means the fusions will generally be pretty bad.

The new WL ones seem to have improved upon the problems they had with the CNIs such as mode issues, underpowered lasers, etc. That said, there still seem to be problems with the WLs, but much less of an issue than the DLs. My big complaint about the WLs though is the beam diameter. They increased the initial beam diameter in order to improve the divergence on the laser, since CNI/DL ones have crappy divergence. However, since most people who buy these lasers are just people looking for an expensive way to go around popping balloons and lighting matches, this is a problem.

As a result, with a lens, the WLs will probably perform as well or better, but if you don't use a lens, the burning on the new WLs SUCKS! If they fixed that, I would definitely feel they were worth the premium, but otherwise its a tough decision.

If you're looking to purchase a laser in the >$240 range though, feel free to contact me at pseudonomen137@gmail.com first, and I might be able to hook you up with a deal on one of the CNIs.


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Nov 9, 2006
DL is reselling the CNI's like WL used to.

For the price it is worth the shot and some of the lasers will be fine and above spec.
An intresting note is that DL's are not shipped with warning labels at the output end to get past customs, very bad practice.

One buyer is having an issue with a refund on a defective unit and that is one of the main complaints I know of at the moment. I do not know if others have had the same issue.

CNI's quality has gone down a bit but as Pseudo pointed out there is always a chance of getting a dud no matter where or who you get the laser from.

(pseudo beat me to it)


I have heard that complaint about about the one person who could only get a refund, dragon lasers would not exchange there laser. Actually my DL laser came with a warning label on the end. Maybe it depends to which country you are importing to (I am in Canada).